Casper and the Angels

Casper and the Angels

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Casper first appeared on television in 1959, on a show entitled Matty’s Funday Funnies. The Harvey Comics character was a winner with kids, a ghost more interested in making friends than rattling chains and haunting houses. Casper continued to appear on television for years, gaining his own show, titled Casper the Friendly Ghost. Then somehow, Hanna-Barbera decided to cast him in a Charlie's Angels take-off set in outer space.

Casper and the Angels put the Friendly Ghost in a supporting role to the Angels, African-American Maxie and redhead Minnie. Under orders from their Commander, the Angels were employed by the Space Police in the year 2179. In addition to Casper, the Angels were befriended by Harry Scary, a raggedy looking ghost who sounded like the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz. Together, the future girls and friendly ghosts tried to uphold the law in two adventures per half-hour episode.

The show was bounced around to three different time slots, and was cancelled after only seven and a half months. Casper returned to his earthbound roots in the 1995 live-action/computer animated film Casper, which spawned a return to Saturday morning in 1996.

Release History

9/22/79 - 5/3/80 NBC

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Television Cast

Casper Julie McWhirter
Maxie Diane McCannon
Minnie Laurel Page
Commander John Stephenson
Harry Scary John Stephenson

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