Channel Umptee-3

Channel Umptee-3

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Three animals with a belief that “The world is a magical place” banded together as TV pirates, setting up their own channel to show kids all the interesting things right under their noses.

Hyperactive ostrich Ogden worked as Umptee-3’s producer/director, snail Sheldon S. Cargo was the channel’s technician and resident genius (he rode around on a motorized unicycle to keep up), and Holey Moley was a mute mole. Holey Moley also carried around a portable hole which he could use to look inside things to see how they work—pianos, tubas, etc.

Naturally, a pirate TV station didn’t sit well with the bigwigs in corporate TV land, represented by the upper-class Frumps. Crusty old Stanley Ricketts was the richest and most powerful Frump, operating on the philosophy that “The world belongs in a box!” Ricketts’ stooges Agent One (Bud) and Agent Two (Ed) carried out his plans to thwart Umptee-3, while wife Pandora watched the program on the sly.

Produced by All In The Family creator Norman Lear, Channel Umptee-3 debuted on WB’s Saturday morning schedule, shifted to Friday mornings, then left the network after one season. But knowing Ogden, Sheldon, and Holey Moley, they’re likely still driving around somewhere in the Umptee-3 news van, still broadcasting into the secret white space between channels, still proving that the world is a magical place.

Release History

10/25/97 - 9/6/98 WB

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Enchante, George Company, Act II, Columbia Tri-Star

Television Cast

Ogden Rob Paulsen
Sheldon S. Cargo David Paymer
Stickley Ricketts Jonathan Harris
Agent One (Bud) Gregg Berger
Agent Two (Ed) Neil Ross
Pandora Ricketts Alice Ghostley
Polly Susan Silo
Professor Relevant Greg Burson

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