Circus Boy

Circus Boy

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

If you didn't have the guts to run away and join the circus as a kid, Circus Boy was the next best thing.

After his parents were killed in a high-wire accident, young Corky was adopted by the circus’ owner, Big Tim Champion. Corky rode his baby elephant Bimbo, dealt with his adolescent problems, and helped the adults keep the circus in the black as the show moved from town to town each week.

Corky shared screen time on the live-action Circus Boy with clown Uncle Joey and the always energetic Pete. Young Mickey Braddock, who played Corky on the show, took back his birth name of Mickey Dolenz when he shot to fame as the drummer for the 60's television pop group The Monkees.

Release History

9/23/56 - 9/8/57 ABC

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Television Cast

Corky Mickey Braddock (Dolenz)
Big Tim Champion Robert Lowery
Pete Guinn Williams
Uncle Joey Noah Beery, Jr.

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