Clutch Cargo

Clutch Cargo

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Clutch Cargo was a writer and pilot, handsome and charming, who flew his airplane into dangerous situations with his young apprentice Spinner and his dog Paddlefoot.

Using the patented Synchro-Vox™ system, Clutch Cargo gained popularity for its not-exactly describable type of not-exactly animation. Each character was drawn as a still picture, and where the mouth was supposed to be, a real, human mouth was superimposed. The mouth would move, and suddenly, the cartoon character was speaking. In order to accommodate this style, both women and men had to wear bright red lipstick to match the cartoon color.

If characters were supposed to run, or even move, the drawing would be shown from the waist up. If additional motion was required, the camera, or even the drawing itself, would shake. Real smoke was used for explosions and cigarettes, and real balloons for chewing gum.

It may sound utterly bizarre on paper, but much of it was actually quite impressive for the time, and the show enjoyed a successful run. More recently, Late Night host Conan O'Brien used a similar process to animate likenesses of Bill Clinton, Elvis, Mike Tyson, and other celebrities.

Release History

Syndicated: 1959

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Cambria Productions

Television Cast

Clutch Cargo Richard Cotting
Spinner Margaret Kerry
Paddlefoot Margaret Kerry

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