Cool McCool

Cool McCool

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

What Get Smart did for the Bond films on primetime, Cool McCool did for the secret agent on Saturday mornings.

Batman creator Bob Kane was the man behind this spy spoof/comedic adventure, which featured the animated exploits of Cool McCool, a gadget-wielding, trenchcoat-clad, 007-type who fought against an array of bizarre villains. Unlike the eternally smooth James Bond, however, Cool's dashing looks belied his bumbling manner.

Cool’s boss, Number One, dispensed orders without ever being seen on camera, an idea which predated Charlie’s Angels by a decade. Borrowing from yet another literary source, Number One’s secretary was referred to as Friday.

A recognizable predecessor to Inspector Gadget, Cool used an assortment of gadgets—including a mustache radio—to combat such foes as Gretta Ghoul, the Rattler, Madcap, the Owl and the Pussycat, the Jack-in-the-Box and Hurricane Harry. But despite his ineptitude, Cool often earned his name. Driving around in the "Coolmobile," wearing an ascot, and routinely uttering the catch phrase, “Danger is my business,” our hero occasionally rivaled even the Fonz in his level of coolness.

Another segment on the show featured Cool’s dad, Harry McCool. The segment, Pop the Cop, proved the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Harry was a member of the inept Komedy Kops, a knock-off of the old-time Keystone Kops.

Release History

9/10/66 - 8/30/69 NBC

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

King Features Syndicate

Television Cast

Cool McCool Bob McFadden
Harry McCool Bob McFadden
Number One Chuck McCann
Friday Carol Corbett
Jack-in-the-Box Chuck McCann
Madcap Chuck McCann
Rattler Chuck McCann
Hurricane Harry Chuck McCann
Owl Chuck McCann
Riggs Unknown
Gretta Ghoul Unknown
Pussycat Unknown

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