The Children's Corner

The Children's Corner

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Although it ran only a single season on national television, The Children’s Corner was TV legend Fred Rogers' first show, and it laid the groundwork for the beloved Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood a decade later.

Initially a popular and award-winning local show in Pittsburg, The Children’s Corner was co-written and puppeteered by Rogers, while Josie Carey was the show's singing host. As the only human on screen, Carey was surrounded by puppets full of character, including the stuffy King Friday and the timid Daniel S. Tiger, who would later appear in the Land of Make Believe on Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Together, Carey and her puppet friends taught young viewers lessons on good manners, foreign cultures, languages and other social skills.

NBC brought The Children's Corner to national audiences as summer replacement for the hit show Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney. The low-key, self-esteem boosting puppet show became a surprise success, and NBC kept The Children's Corner on for a full year. The local version, which aired slightly altered episodes during the network run, remained a Pittsburgh TV mainstay until 1961. Rogers went to Canada for another children’s show, but by 1965, he had returned to Pittsburgh to do Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood for WQED. Two years later, the show went national on PBS, and it has been running ever since.

Release History

8/20/55 - 4/28/56 NBC

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Hostess Josie Carey
Puppeteer Fred Rogers
Puppeteer Josie Carey

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