The Centurions

The Centurions

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

"Power Extreme!"

A rarity in the action cartoon world, The Centurions had a brainy, independent female character as its lead. Inspired by her heroic father, Crystal Kane gathered together a band of computer-generated specialists to battle the megalomaniacal Dr. Terror, his sidekick Hacker, and his army of Doom Drones. Kane’s squad consisted of Jake Rockwell, Ace McCloud, Max Ray, Rex Charger and John Thunder. The team also had a pair of animal mascots, Shadow the dog and Lucy the orangutan.

Putting the emphasis on sci-fi action, The Centurions always featured fast-paced battles, dogfighting vehicles, and cool gadgets. Crystal outfitted her team with super-powered "exoframes," body suits geared up with helicopter parts, tank treads, deep sea jet engines, and other useful tricks.

Each episode of The Centurions also included a short lesson about astronomy and space travel, presented in a 30-second blurb at the end of the episode. The show managed a respectable run in its original syndication, winning enough of a fan base to spark a revival on The Cartoon Network in the 1990's.

Release History

4/7/86 - 12/12/86 syndicated

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Ruby-Spears, Worldvision

Television Cast

Crystal Kane Diane Pershing
Jake Rockwell Vince Edwards
Max Ray Pat Fraley
Dr. Wu Pat Fraley
Rex Charger Bob Ridgely
Ace McCloud Neil Ross
John Thunder Michael Bell
Dr. Terror Ron Feinberg
Hacker Edmund Gilbert
Amber Jennifer Darling

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