Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers

Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Admit it. You can’t say the title without singing:

“Ch-Ch-Ch-Chip ‘n’ Dales Rescue Rangers!”

Disney’s follow-up to Duck Tales was another globetrotting action-adventure series, this time featuring popular characters Chip and Dale. The two mischievous chipmunks were given a bit of a makeover for their series debut—their voices were made more distinct and they were clothed from the waist up (Chip wore the bomber jacket, Dale the Hawaiian-print shirts).

On the show, practical Chip and zany Dale operated a team known as the Rescue Rangers, fighting animal-sized crime around the world. Joining the rodent duo were genius inventor/mechanic mouse Gadget, large and raucous old-school adventurer mouse Monterey Jack, and speedy messenger fly Zipper, who relayed information with hyperkinetic pantomime.

Most of the group’s adventures sprang from plots hatched by Fat Cat, the kingpin of the animal crime world. Sewer Al, a mercenary Cajun alligator willing to work either side for payment in books, made an occasional appearance.

Operating beneath the realm of humans, the Rescue Rangers dashed in to save the day with derring-do, a bit of luck, and Gadget’s jerry-rigged devices (all cleverly put together from recycled human trash). The show was a hit companion to Duck Tales and later joined that show as part of the “Disney Afternoon” block of programming.

Release History

8/27/88 - 9/89 Disney Channel
9/89 - 1993 syndicated

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Walt Disney/Buena Vista Television

Television Cast

Chip Tress MacNeille
Dale Corey Burton
Zipper Corey Burton
Gadget Tress MacNeille
Monterey Jack Jim Cummings
Fat Cat Jim Cummings
Professor Nimnull Jim Cummings

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