Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Originally titled Cartoonsville, Cartoonies was an assortment of animated movie shorts from the 40's and 50's, interspersed with live-action bits from the hosts of the show, popular ventriloquist Paul Winchell and his dummies, Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead Smiff.

The show featured such cartoons as Modern Madcaps, Noveltoons, and Screen Songs. The Noveltoons, narrated by Frank Gallop, featured Casper the Friendly Ghost, Herman the Mouse, Blackie the Lamb, Baby Huey the Duck, and Little Audrey. Casper was seen most often, which explains why the show was soon replaced by the newly-made Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Release History

4/13/63 - 9/28/63 ABC

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TV Studio

Century 21

Television Cast

Paul Winchell Himself
Jerry Mahoney Paul Winchell
Knucklehead Smiff Paul Winchell

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