Captain Z-Ro

Captain Z-Ro

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Low-budget and local, this 15-minute sci-fi show still managed to gather both a loyal fan base and critical acclaim during its three-year run on San Francisco’s KRON-TV. The special effects were crude, and only three actors could be featured per episode, but Captain Zero was still hailed for being both educational and entertaining.

Written by and starring Roy Steffens, the show featured a rocket ship/time machine that allowed Z-Ro and his young sidekick Jet to chase villains through time while still managing to give impromptu history lessons.

Episodes were often appropriately written according to the time of year. The Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes, for example, featured adventures that explained the historical significance of the holidays.

After three years on local live TV, Captain Z-Ro finally expanded to a half-hour, switched to film, and was syndicated nationally in 1955. Despite the move to the big-time, fans were pleased to see that Captain Z-Ro stayed true to its roots, maintaining its simple charms for the remainder of its television run.

Release History

1952 - 1955 KRON-TV
1955 - ? syndicated

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TV Studio

Captain Z-Ro Productions

Television Cast

Captain Z-Ro Roy Steffens
Jet Bobby Trumbull

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