Count Duckula

Count Duckula

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Count Duckula was a centuries-old vampire who also happened to be a duck. While trying to revive him, the Count’s assistant Igor accidentally injected him with ketchup instead of blood. This mishap resulted in the canard’s refusal to eat meat and his becoming a strict vegetarian. Another side effect was that the ancient bird had a driving desire to become an entertainer instead of a longing to bite the necks of unsuspecting swans.

Following his new wanderlust, Count Duckula took Igor along to all his old haunts (a new location each week), traveling inside his castle itself. Following close behind the duo was Dr. Von Goosewing, who was determined to deliver a stake to the breast of the fine-feathered fiend. Through it all, Count Duckula’s nanny was the cheerful voice of reason, regardless of the circumstances.

Count Duckula was produced in England and appeared on Nickelodeon along with another English series, Danger Mouse, both produced by Cosgrove-Hall. The Count’s quirky humor was a hit with American audiences, the Monty Python-esque alternative to contemporary fare like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Release History

2/6/88 - 12/26/93 Nickelodeon

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Cosgrove-Hall, Thames

TV Cast

Count Duckula David Jason
Igor Jack May
Nanny Brian Trueman
Von Goosewing Jimmy Hibbert
Narrator Barry Clayton
Others Ruby Wax

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