Commando Cody

Commando Cody

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

The last of the 1950's sci-fi live action series for children, this show featured Commando Cody, the "Sky Marshall of the Universe." An invincible hero with a trusty jet-pack and deco helmet, Cody flew into the face of danger to battle the tyrannical Retik the Ruler.

The hero’s missions were so secretive that he even wore his mask around his boss, Mr. Henderson, and scientists Ted and Joan, who had developed a rocket ship to assist Cody on his missions. The group communicated with each other via badge-disguised radios.

The show not only recycled several costume and set elements from past Republic Films projects like King of the Rocket Men, Radar Men From the Moon, and Zombies of the Stratosphere, but it also used flying and fight scenes from these movies, unconcerned that several of these scenes showed cars and clothing that were ten years out of date.

Though the series was made on an extremely low budget, for the young raygun-wielding boys that comprised its audience, Commando Cody was a sheer delight. Unfortunately, the show didn't attract quite enough of an audience, and after a few months, it was cancelled before it could air all of its 39 episodes.

Long after the series was over, the character of Cody was one of the inspirations behind the Disney-produced 1991 movie The Rocketeer.

Release History

7/16/55 - 10/8/55 NBC

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Republic Films

Television Cast

Commando Cody Judd Holdren
Joan Gilbert Aline Towne
Ted Richards William Schallert
Dick Preston Richard Crane
Retik the Ruler Gregory Gay
Mr. Henderson Craig Kelly

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