Choose Up Sides

Choose Up Sides

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Brought to you by daytime game show kings Mark Goodson and Bill Todman (What's My Line, The Price is Right), Choose Up Sides brought the competition to the kids. In every episode, two teams of four children, the "Bronco Busters" and the "Space Pilots," would compete in various timed stunts, including sack races and obstacle courses.

The two groups vied to be the first to achieve 200 points, though the losing team was given an easy opportunity to score 100 points before the game was called a match.

Viewers at home could join in the fun by submitting postcards of stunt suggestions to the show. A team would randomly choose a postcard, and if they completed that stunt, the prize would be shared with the child back home.

Choose Up Sides started as a local show in New York in 1953 with Dean Miller as the host. When it was picked up by NBC in 1956, Gene Rayburn, who was also the announcer on Steve Allen’s Tonight Show, replaced Miller as host. The NBC version apparently didn't offer enough competition in its time slot, because after less than three months, it was off the national airwaves.

Release History

1/7/56 - 3/31/56 NBC

TV Sub Categories

game shows

Television Cast

Host Dean Miller
Host Gene Rayburn
'Bronco Busters' Captain Tommy Tompkins
'Space Pilots' Captain Roger Peterson

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