The Comic Strip

The Comic Strip

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Rankin-Bass followed the example of the successful Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera and brought together four separate cartoons under the umbrella title The Comic Strip.

Up first was Karate Kat. An employee of the McClaw detective agency, the cat considered himself an expert in martial arts, but much like Hong Kong Phooey before him, Karate Kat was completely inept. Luckily, he had an assortment of coworkers to help him out, including weapons expert Katmandu and the slow-witted Cat Gut. His boss was “Big Mama” Katie McClaw, the ex-wife of the town's main gangster. Karate Kat also worked closely with colleague Meow Baby, who was completely blind to the hero’s ineptitude.

Another segment featured The Street Frogs, a group of hip, young amphibians who spent their days dancing and recording hip-hop tunes.

The Mini-Monsters focused on the children of the most famous beasts in history. Dracky, Wolfie, Mumm-O, Blank-O, and Franklin were gentle offspring of their hideous parents. While away at Camp Mini-Mon for the summer, the young horrors befriended two human children, Sherman and Melissa, who delighted in showing the miniature monstrosities the wonders of their “normal” world.

The last component was titled Tigersharks, and featured a group of superheroes with the ability to transform themselves into half-man/half-fish creatures. They then used their respective abilities to fight crime. Luckily, all the crimes were committed in or near the sea.

While none of the Comic Strip components survived past its one year run, the series gave kids a wide variety of characters to satiate their voracious appetite for cartoons.

Release History

9/87 - ? syndicated

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Voices Donald Acree
Voices Camilla Banora
Voices Josh Blake
Voices Gary V. Brown
Voices Jim Brownold
Voices Danielle DuClos
Voices Seth Green
Voices Earl Hammond
Voices Maggie Jakobson
Voices Larry Kenney
Voices Carmen De Lavallade
Voices Robert McFadden
Voices Jim Meskimem
Voices Peter Newman
Voices Gordy Owens
Voices Gerriane Raphael
Voices Ron Taylor
Voices Tanya Willoughby
Voices Daniel Wooten

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