Curiosity Shop

Curiosity Shop

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Veteran Looney Tunes director Chuck Jones created and produced this educational variety show, which combined live action, animation, and puppetry to teach kids about such open-ended topics as "Music and Dance," "Rules," and "Flight."

Children Pam, Cindy, Gerrard, and Ralph hosted, sharing the screen with puppets both large and small. On the larger end were Flippo the Hippo, Oogle, and Hudson the Talking Rock, while the smaller puppets (who appeared on a stage wall) included Eek-A-Mouse, Woodrow the Groundhog, and Nostalgia the Elephant. As if this weren't enough, the humans and puppets were joined by real animals Darwin the chimp and Eunice the seal. Luckily, the show had its own Dr. Dolittle, Baron Balthazar, who bridged the human and animal worlds.

The set design was similarly eclectic, housing everything from a talking computer to an "elevator to everywhere," with question marks lining nearly every available space. The show itself consisted of interviews, short films (viewed on the Granny TV segment), and animated versions of comic strip icons Dennis the Menace, B.C., and Miss Peach.

The talent behind the show was impressive, with music from Henry Mancini and writing from Ray Bradbury. Even Jones himself appeared on the show—though in voice only—as Mr. Jones of "Mr. Jones Answering Service."

Despite the big names behind the screen, kids in front of it were overloaded. After one season on Saturday morning, Curiosity Shop moved to Sundays, showing only reruns. After one more season, Mr. Jones closed shop and moved on.

Release History

9/11/71 - 9/2/73 ABC

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Sandler Burns Marmer Prod

Television Cast

Mr. Wizard Don Herbert
Pam Pamelyn Ferdin
Cindy Jerrelyn Fields
Gerrard John Levin
Ralph Kerry MacLane
Gittel the Bumbling Witch Barbara Minkus
Mr. Jones (voice only) Chuck Jones
Other Voices Mel Blanc
Other Voices June Foray
Other Voices Bob Holt
Other Voices Don Messick
Other Voices Les Tremayne
Puppets The Bob Baker Marionettes

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