Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Imagine The Odd Couple with Oscar and Felix as Siamese twins joined at the back end. If that grotesque image amuses you, then you’re ready for CatDog, the “feline/canine” star of his own Nickelodeon cartoon.

The premise was beautifully clever in its simplicity: cat was a cat, dog was a dog. Dog wanted to chase the garbage truck, cat wanted to dine on fine salmon. Cat was a self-proclaimed genius, Dog was blissfully clueless. Dog liked rock and roll, Cat liked classical music. But having been joined since birth, the two had to learn to compromise, working together to foil nitpicking Rancid Rabbit and the troublemaking gang of Greaser Dogs—Cliff, Shriek, and Lube. Other cast members included CatDog’s friend Winslow Oddfellow, hyperactive Eddie the Squirrel, and the eternally pessimistic Mr. Sunshine.

CatDog’s adventures ranged from classic sitcom situations (dividing everything in half, a la Lucy and Ricky) to the more outlandish (strapping a pig onto the body to be Cat’s yes man). Whatever the problem, CatDog always ended up back with his best friend…himself.

Release History

1998 - ? Nickelodeon

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TV Studio

Film Roman

Television Cast

Cat Jim Cummings
Dog Tom Kenny
Winslo Oddfellow Carlos Alazraqui
Rancid Rabbit Billy West
Lube Carlos Alazraqui

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