Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys

Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

During the monkey-manned spaceflights of the 1960’s, one rocket veered off course, sending a chimp named Charlie off into the outer reaches of space. After many years, Charlie’s craft was discovered by the most intelligent race in the universe, the “ “ (Pronounced by simply staring off into space. The running joke then had the other space monkeys asking, “The who?”)

Charlie was given enhanced intelligence, weapons, and futuristic technology, along with a charge to protect the universe from the evil Nebula. One of the more unusual villains in cartoon history, Nebula was a half-human, half-black hole who hoped to become a complete black hole, swallow the universe in a “Big Crunch,” then remake it in his own image.

To aid Charlie (who was given the title "Captain Charlie Simian"), the “ “ allowed him to recruit a team of fellow earth monkeys: Chao Lin, a Chinese golden monkey with swift fighting skills and serene wisdom; Spydor, a wisecracking little spider monkey with a long prehensile tail; Dr. Splitz/Splitzy, an orangutan with a scientist/madman split-personality; and Gor, a big, strong gorilla who wrecked the intelligence-enhancing machine before he got a full helping. Gor also damaged Orbitron, the most powerful device in the universe, leaving the flying metal orb a little funny in the noggin.

The group cruised the stars in their ship, the Primate Avenger, battling Nebula and his cyborg monkey henchman, Rhesus 2. The monkeys mixed fast-talking humor with fast-paced action, carrying on the interstellar battle for twenty-six syndicated episodes.

Release History

1996 - ? syndicated

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Monkeyshine, Hallmark, Epoc Ink, Toon Us In

Television Cast

Captain Charlie Simian Jerry Doyle
Shao Lin Karen Maruyama
Spydor Dom Irrera
Dr. Splitz / Splitzy Maurice LaMarche
Gor James Avery
Orbitron Jeff Glen Bennett
Nebula Michael Dorn
Rhesus 2 Malcolm McDowell

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