Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

From the pages of Eve Titus’ children’s book series came the cheese-tasting French mouse named Anatole.

Anatole (French down to his red scarf and beret) lived with his patient wife Doucette and their three sets of twins: Paul and Paulette, Claude and Claudette, and Georges and Georgette. Anatole worked as a cheese taster at the factory of human M’sieu Duval, who didn’t realize Anatole was a mouse. The rodent kept his identity a secret by leaving before the factory opened, but in doing so he had to dodge Madame Duval’s wicked cat Charlemagne. Other characters included Anatole’s tubby best friend Gaston and the mouse village mayor Francois de Pamplemousse.

Anatole acted as a liaison between mouse and human worlds, helping solve the problems of both. Like the books, each show centered around a basic human (or mouse) virtue such as honesty, self-confidence, or communication.

The simple, sweet, and entertaining premise of Anatole caught on with younger viewers, who made the show a mini-hit on CBS' Saturday morning lineup.

Release History

1998 - ? CBS

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TV Studio

Nelvana Productions

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