The Adventures of Gulliver

The Adventures of Gulliver

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

In 1726 Jonathan Swift’s novel Gulliver’s Travels debuted, telling the story of Englishman Lemuel Gulliver. Shipwrecked, Gulliver washed up on the shores of a land called Lilliput, where the average height was around six inches.

In 1968 Hanna-Barbera’s cartoon The Adventures of Gulliver debuted, telling the story of the original Gulliver's son Gary, who embarked on a journey with his dog Tagg to find his father in the land of Lilliput (the elder Gulliver's name was inexplicably changed from Lemuel to Thomas).

Armed only with a copy of his father’s treasure map and aided by several happy Lilliputians—including Flirtacia, her father King Pomp, hapless Glum, young Eager, and loveable Bunko—Gary Gulliver encountered many adventures and hidden dangers. These adventures often included the constant outwitting of evil Captain Leech, who schemed to steal Gary’s treasure map.

The seventeen episodes of The Adventures of Gulliver ran for two seasons, then showed up in the early 70's in syndicated versions of The Banana Splits Adventure Hour.

Release History

9/14/68 - 9/5/70 ABC

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Gary Gulliver Jerry Dexter
Flirtacia Ginny Tyler
Glum Don Messick
Eager Don Messick
Bunko Allan Melvin
King Pomp John Stephenson
Captain Leech John Stephenson
Tagg Herb Vigran

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