The Amazing Three

The Amazing Three

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

They may not look very amazing at first glance, but this horse, rabbit, and duck team—Ronnie, Bonnie, and Zero—are not at all what they seem. The three are actually celestial beings sent by the Galactic Congress to observe earth and determine whether or not the planet is a danger to the rest of the galaxy. If so, the big blue marble must be destroyed. When the trio are discovered by young earth boy Kenny Carter, he convinces them to help solve the problems of the world rather than destroy it.

The Amazing Three crossed the Pacific to American TV in the wake of successful Japanese imports Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion (all brought over by the same company). Like those two series, it was reformatted to fit the constraints of American TV.

Notable in this series was the violence that accompanied the stories. While no more violent than Astro Boy or other Japanese imports, viewers were especially shocked by the sight of gentle farm creatures wreaking such alarming havoc.

Release History

Syndicated: 1967

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TV Studio

Mushi Productions

Television Cast

Various Jack Grimes
Various Corinne Orr
Various Jack Curtis

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