The Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys

The Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

For those of us who never could get our Sea-Monkeys to turn out right, CBS showed what the instant pets looked like grown to full size… and then some. In The Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys, Howie Mandel played a zany scientist who enlarged three Sea-Monkey brothers—Aquarius, Bill, and Dave—to human proportions.

The Monkey brothers proved harder to control on dry land, causing plenty of headaches for Mandel’s scientist as he tried to teach them to adapt. The show featured expensive special effects and makeup, turning human actors into horn-headed, bubble-nosed, web-toed creatures.

Airing late on CBS’ morning lineup, the show never found an audience, leading to an early cancellation after one season of eleven episodes. Apparently, CBS couldn’t get its Sea-Monkeys to turn out right either.

Release History

9/19/92 - 8/28/93 CBS

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Professor Howie Mandell
Aquarius Sean Whalen

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