The Adventures of Batman & Robin

The Adventures of Batman & Robin

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

For the 1994 season of its groundbreaking Batman: The Animated Series, Warner Brothers changed the show’s title to reflect the addition of Batman’s ward and sidekick. Young acrobat Dick Grayson, like Bruce Wayne, was orphaned by a crime gone wrong. Wayne took the young boy under his wing (pun intended) and the crimefighting boy wonder Robin was born.

The show retained the “Dark Deco” look that helped make it such a hit, darkening the tones on Robin’s green, red, and yellow suit to fit the moody feel of the series. Commissioner Gordon’s daughter Barbara began making semi-regular appearances as Batgirl, and the rogue’s gallery of outlandish villains continued with each episode.

Release History

9/10/94 - 9/5/95 Fox

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Warner Bros.

Television Cast

Batman/Bruce Wayne Kevin Conway
Robin/Dick Grayson Loren Lester
Batgirl/Barbara Gordon Melissa Gilbert-Brinkman
Alfred Clive Revill
Alfred Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
Commissioner Gordon Bob Hastings
Mayor Hamilton Lloyd Bochner
The Joker Mark Hamill
Catwoman/Selena Kyle Adrienne Barbeau
The Penguin Paul Williams
The Mad Hatter Roddy McDowall
Mr. Freeze Michael Ansara
The Riddler John Glover
Two-Face Richard Moll
Poison Ivy Diane Pershing
Clock King Alan Rachins
Clay Face Ron Perlman
Count Vertigo Michael York
Man-Bat Marc Singer
Harley Quinn Arlene Sorkin

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