The Adventures of Aquaman

The Adventures of Aquaman

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

DC Comics' Aquaman, as his name suggests, really, really liked the water. The green-and-orange suited superhero could breathe underwater, swim at superhuman speeds and communicate with any of the ocean's inhabitants via aqua-telepathy. Luckily, all of Aquaman’s foes (Black Manta, The Fisherman, etc.) committed their crimes in or around the water, enabling him to ride to the rescue astride his giant seahorse, Storm.

Aquaman's junior companion Aqualad (a.k.a. Tadpole, Aquaman's ward in the comics) often assisted the blonde water-breather, while fellow Atlantean Mera, our hero's wife in the comic book series, rarely appeared in the animated series. The cartoon's Aqua clan also included a seahorse named Imp and a silly pet walrus named Tusky.

Originally just the second-billed player on The Superman/ Aquaman Hour of Adventure, Aquaman got his own series after one season, although no new episodes were produced. Despite the lack of fresh material, The Adventures of Aquaman benefited from the appearance of many guest superheroes, including Green Lantern, Hawkman and The Flash, all of whom were members of the "Justice League of America."

Aqualad was eventually spun off to his own segment, and along with Wonder Girl, Kid Flash and Speedy formed "The Teen Titans," a group of rising young superheroes.

Aquaman himself only lasted one season in his own show, but the amphibious wonder went on to co-star in the long-running Super Friends series, ensuring that no water-based crimes would go unpunished.

Release History

9/14/68 - 9/7/69 CBS

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Aquaman Marvin Miller
Aqualad Jerry Dexter
Mera Diana Maddox
Narrator Ted Knight
Tusky Ted Knight
Imp Ted Knight
Flash Cliff Owens
Kid Flash Tommy Cook
Wonder Girl Julie Bennett
Hawkman Gilbert Mack
The Atom Pat Harrington Jr.
Speedy Pat Harrington Jr.
Green Lantern Gerald Mohr
Kyro Paul Frees
Guardian of the Universe Paul Frees

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