The Adventures of Kit Carson

The Adventures of Kit Carson

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Each week, more than 3 million households tuned in to follow the adventures of scout Christopher "Kit" Carson and his Mexican sidekick, El Toro, making The Adventures of Kit Carson the number one series among children in 1954.

The title character was played by Bill Williams, who was a former swimmer before making a splash with this series.

The Adventures of Kit Carson was able to avoid the expensive production fees of many of the other Western shows by filming at Republic Studios, a facility known for its skill with the low-budget "bargain-basement" technique. The cost-cutting measures did nothing to dampen the show's Western thrills, which kept popgun-toting cowboy wannabes coming back for more.

Release History

1951 - 1955 syndicated

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Revue Productions/Republic Studios

Television Cast

Christopher 'Kit' Carson   Bill Williams
El Toro   Don Diamond

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