The Archie Show

The Archie Show

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

The Archie Show was the first of several TV incarnations of the beloved comic book series, which began in the 40's and still continues today. The popular show, which seemed to change titles every season, focused on a group of teenagers who, despite their wildly different personalities, still preferred to hang out together.

The leader of the gang was red-headed all-American nice guy Archie Andrews. The object of his affections was usually the wealthy, dark-haired beauty Veronica Lodge, who was all too aware of her devastating looks. Competing with Archie for her affections was the equally self-absorbed Reggie Mantle. Jughead Jones, Archie's skinny and always-hungry best friend, had a great fear of girls, and so always played the cynical bystander to the other boys' pursuit of Veronica. Rounding out the cast was Betty Cooper, the friendly blonde girl-next-door, who was Veronica's best friend and worst enemy in the constant competition to be Archie's girl of choice.

Also along for the action were Riverdale High School’s homeroom teacher, Miss Grundy; Principal, Mr. Weatherbee; PE instructor, Coach Kleats; school jock, Big Moose; school brain, Dilton Doily; and Jughead’s pursuer, Big Ethel. The unofficial mascot was Hot Dog, Jughead's big, white sheepdog.

When the kids weren't riding around in Archie's noisy jalopy or eating at Pop's Chock'lit shop, they were singing groovy tunes in their rock band called, appropriately, The Archies.

In the real world, The Archies were a group of talented studio musicians fronted by Ron Dante, who hit the big time with their smash single "Sugar Sugar," which became the #1 song on the charts in 1969.

In addition to the songs, the Archie clan left several stamps on pop culture, including Jughead's "so-geeky-it's-cool" crown hat, and the classification of girls as either pretty, nice "Bettys" or hot and conceited "Veronicas." The show itself, in various forms, lasted through the 1980's.

Release History

9/14/68 - 8/30/69 CBS

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Archie Andrews Dallas McKennon
Mr. Weatherbee Dallas McKennon
Betty Cooper Jane Webb
Veronica Lodge Jane Webb
Jughead Jones Howard Morris
Big Moose Howard Morris
Big Ethel Jane Webb
Reggie Mantle John Erwin
Hot Dog Howard Morris
Sabrina the Teenage Witch Jane Webb
Miss Grundy Jane Webb
Pops Howard Morris

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