The Adventures of T-Rex

The Adventures of T-Rex

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

When cartoon marketing executives sleep, this is what they dream: Five tyrannosaurus brothers in a world filled with talking dinosaurs, playing to sold-out crowds with their musical group and fighting crime in their secret identities as supergroup "T-REX," all under the direction of eccentric Professor Edison. All the elements of a mega-hit were there for Gunther-Wahl’s 1992 series The Adventures of T-Rex.

Dino-brothers Bernie, Bruno, Bubba, Buck, and Bugsy were born with special powers to aid their heroics. The group rode out on their Rexmobile to battle “Big Boss” Graves, crime kingpin of Rep City, and his evil organization The Corporation. Kid sister Ginger was part of the singing group, but didn’t know about her brothers’ extracurricular activities.

One of the show’s other hooks was giving the T-Rexes imitation celebrity voices—Jack Benny, Art Carney, Jimmy Carter, Peter Falk and Jimmy Durante. Despite the hit-making elements, the show ran for only fifty-two episodes in weekly syndication, enough for a single season.

Release History

1992 - ? syndicated

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Voices Kathleen Barr
Voices Michael Beattie
Voices Gary Chalk
Voices Jennifer Chopping
Voices Ian Corlett
Voices Michael Dobson
Voices Kevin Hayes
Voices Phil Hayes
Voices Janyce Jaud
Voices Allesandro Juliani
Voices Annabel Kershaw
Voices Scott McNeil
Voices Robert O. Smith
Voices Venus Terzo
Voices Dale Wilson

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