The Adventures of Blinky

The Adventures of Blinky

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Straight from Down Under, The Adventures of Blinky Bill was an Aussie product through and through. Australian animation legend Yoram Gross adapted the cartoon from a children’s book series penned by Dorothy Wall in the 1940’s.

As the show began, the bush community of Greenpatch Town was leveled by human construction workers, leaving the animals to start anew. Imaginative and spunky koala Blinky Bill helped the rebuilding effort, but he was at heart a wandering soul. Sporting a hobo knapsack and a pair of red overalls, Blinky Bill went on many adventures through the Outback. Greenpatch’s other residents included fellow koalas Nutsy and Ms. Koala, kangaroo Splodge, old wombat Wombo, platypus Flap, Miss Magpie, Mousia Marsupial Mouse, and Danny Dingo.

A small, but well-liked show, The Adventures of Blinky Bill taught its viewers valuable lessons in imagination and teamwork. Good on ya, li’l koala mate (apologies to the sovereign nation of Australia).

Release History

1994 - ? syndicated

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TV Studio

Yoram Gross Film Studio

Television Cast

Voices Robyn Moore
Voices Keith Scott

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