The Adventures of Robin Hood

The Adventures of Robin Hood

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

To many, Robin Hood will forever be embodied by the dashing Errol Flynn. To others, he is a suave brown fox with a bear as his sidekick. But for fans of this 1950's show, Robin Hood is Richard Greene.

Greene drew in the audience each week with his lively portrayal of the medieval outlaw. The handsome English actor appeared to be quite a swashbuckler as well, having memorized a script of swordplay for each episode.

This version of the classic tale prized itself on its authenticity, filming in Nottingham and the Sherwood Forest. All costumes and weapons were approved by experts for historical accuracy, while set designers modeled their work after England's existing medieval castles.

For three seasons, more than 30 million people tuned in to watch Robin and his merry men steal from the rich and give to the poor, thwarting the cruel taxation of the greedy Prince John. As played with brilliant wickedness by Donald Pleaseance, John had taken over the throne while the more affable King Richard was off fighting the Crusades.

The heartless Sheriff of Nottingham was John's right-hand tax-collecting man, while Little John, Friar Tuck, and, of course, Maid Marian, were on Robin’s side of the battle.

Beginning in 1960, The Adventures of Robin Hood moved to Saturday mornings, where it enjoyed an equally successful run. Humor, bravery, battle, and wonder Robin Hood is a story that traverses the generations.

The enduring outlaw turned up yet again on the 1967 cartoon Rocket Robin Hood and in a 1975 sitcom titled When Things Were Rotten, along with several more feature film versions.

Release History

9/26/55 - 9/22/58 CBS

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Robin Hood Richard Greene
Friar Tuck Alexander Gauge
Little John Archie Duncan
Little John Rufus Cruishank
Maid Marian Bernadette O'Farrell ('55-'57)
Maid Marian Patricia Driscoll ('57-'58)
Will Scarlett Paul Eddington
Will Scarlett John Dearth
Sheriff of Notingham Alan Wheatley
Prince John Donald Pleasance

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