The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan

The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

This, the second television incarnation of Charlie Chan, was in animated form, produced by Hanna Barbera, and shown on Saturdays its first season. The clever detective was back solving mysteries in this version, and was “assisted” by the Chan Clan, a group consisting of Charlie’s ten children and the family dog Chu Chu. Henry and Stanley were Charlie’s eldest, and therefore the leaders of each mystery/search, which took place in a different American locale every week.

The Clan tooled around in a van which could change into various vehicles, depending on what was needed for camouflage. The family also performed as a rock group, sans Charlie of course; he was always more of a solo artist. The well-intentioned Clan would try to help solve the mysteries, usually doing more harm than good; Charlie would then bail them out at the end of the show by clearing up everything.

The voice of Charlie was provided by Keye Luke, who portrayed Number One son in the Charlie Chan movies of the 40's. Except for Henry and Alan, the children’s voices were almost immediately recast, as their dialects were deemed too thick to be understood by Western audiences. In an intersting footnote, future Oscar winner Jodie Foster was one of the actresses brought in to replace the original voice talents.

The second season of the show consisted of repeats, and aired on Sundays.

Release History

9/9/72 - 9/22/74 CBS

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Alan Chan Brian Tochi
Anne Chan Leslie Kumamota (1972)
Anne Chan Jodie Foster (1972-74)
Charlie Chan Keye Luke
Flip Chan Jay Jay Jue (1972)
Flip Chan Gene Andrusco (1972-74)
Henry Chan Bob Ito
Mimi Chan Leslie Juwai (1972)
Mimi Chan Cherylene Lee
Nancy Chan Debbie Jue (1972)
Nancy Chan Beverly Kushida (1972-74)
Scooter Chan Robin Toma (1972)
Scooter Chan Michael Morgan (1972-74)
Stanley Chan Steven Wong (1972)
Stanley Chan Lennie Weinrib (1972-74)
Suzie Chan Virginia Ann Lee (1972)
Suzie Chan Cherylene Lee (1972-74)
Tom Chan Michael Takamoto (1972)
Tom Chan John Gunn (1972-74)
Chu Chu Don Messick

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