The Adventures of the Little Koala

The Adventures of the Little Koala

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

"Brand new day,
Time to play
With Roobear and his friends..."

Penguins and koalas on the same continent? In the world of The Adventures of Little Koala, anything was possible. It was one of those magical lands where all animals could speak the same language, and the normal rules of predator and prey didn't apply.

The show focused on the family and friends of Roobear, the title koala, as they learned weekly life lessons. Roobear lived with his parents, Mommy and Papa, and his little sister, Laura. The playful marsupial also had friends aplenty: Pamie and Nick, the penguins; Floppy and Mimi, two rabbits; Betty, another koala; Walter the kangaroo; Duckbill, a platypus; Kiwi, a kiwi bird; and Miss Lewis, a reporter.

Of course, not all the animals could enjoy peaceful company, and the bane of Roobear's existence were the Dead End Kid kangaroos—Walter, Colt and Horsie. They were the bullies of this magical world, and though they were drawn in the same endearing children’s book illustration style, they provided the edge to stir up trouble.

A Japanese import, The Adventures of the Little Koala made its stateside debut on Nickelodeon in 1987. Roobear's innocent adventures made an instant splash, and the show's 26 episodes were run for nearly six years on Nick's weekday lineup, proving that not every animal had to be a ninja to be popular.

"Koalas lead the way,
On a sunny day,
We all love to play.."

Release History

6/1/87 - 4/2/93 Nickelodeon

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Cinar/Viacom,  Tohokishinsha

Television Cast

Roobear Steven Bednarski
Kiwi Phillip Pretten
Floppy Tim Webber
Mimi Barbara Poggemiller
Pamie Bronwen Mantel
Miss Lewis Bronwen Mantel
Nick Ian Finlay
Laura Morgan Hallet
Betty Cleo Paskal
Walter A.J. Henderson
Mommy Jane Woods
Papa Walter Massey
Colt Rob Roy
Horsie Dean Hagopian
Duckbill Arthur Grosser

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