The Adventures of Raggedy Ann and Andy

The Adventures of Raggedy Ann and Andy

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Much like Winnie the Pooh and company, Raggedy Ann and Andy and their comrades were stuffed dolls that left their person’s bedroom to have adventures of their own. In this case, the person was a young girl named Marcella (who was only seen from the shoulders down), and the dolls' destination of choice was a place called Raggedyland.

The loveable raggedy characters with red string hair made their television debut at the time of their 70th anniversary in 1988. Along with Ann and Andy were Raggedy Cat and Dog — both of whom had the ability to speak—and Grouchy Bear, the Eeyore of the bunch.

Ann and Andy's weekly adventures among fairies, dragons, and the famous "Camel with the Wrinkled Knees" ran for two seasons, then was brought back for a brief run after the unexpected cancellation of Pee Wee's Playhouse.

Release History

09/17/88 - 09/07/91 CBS

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

CBS Storybreak

Television Cast

Raggedy Ann Christina Lange
Raggedy Andy Josh Rodine
Raggedy Cat Kath Soucie
Raggedy Dog Dana Hill
Grouchy Bear Charlie Adler
Sunny Bunny Katie Leigh
The Camel With the Wrinkled Knees Ken Mars
Marcella Tracy Rowe

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