Mega Man

Mega Man

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

"A fighting robot...Mega Man!"

Based on Capcom’s popular series of video games, Mega Man first made the jump to TV animation as a supporting player on Captain N: The Game Master. By 1994, the robotic superhero was ready to move into the solo spotlight, and he got his chance as part of the syndicated package Amazin’ Adventures II.

The title character was the robotic creation of scientist Dr. Light, who hoped that his invention would be used only for good. Unfortunately, mad genius Dr. Wily stole Light’s technology and created his own line of robots, designed for world domination.

Wily’s robots—Fire Man, Cut Man, Elec Man and the rest—each had a special power, but Dr. Light built Mega Man with the ultimate trump card. Any time Mega Man defeated one of his robot adversaries, he received that robot’s power.

Mega Man was not alone in his quest to rid the world of all evil. Joining him on every mission was his robotic dog, Rush, who had super powers of his own. Mega Man, who also went by “Rock,” had a sister named Roll, who also helped out.

Like most of its Amazin’ Adventures cohorts, Mega Man ran for a single season, but the plucky robot superhero lived on in perpetual video game sequels.

Release History

1994 syndicated

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio


Television Cast

Mega Man Ian Corlett
Rush Ian Corlett
Roll Robyn Ross
Dr. Wily Scott McNeil
Dr. Light Jim Byrnes
Cut Man Terry Klassen
Guts Man Garry Chalk
Protoman Scott McNeil

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