The Mask

The Mask

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

For those who believe that comedian Jim Carrey is actually a cartoon disguised in human form, the 1995-96 cartoon season offered abundant evidence. Three of Carrey’s starring vehicles were adapted to the small screen: Dumb and Dumber, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and The Mask.

Of the three, The Mask was probably the most obvious choice for adaptation. The feature film was a digitally-enhanced human cartoon, based on the Dark Horse comic book. The animated series continued the adventures of nerdy Stanley Ipkiss, who discovered an 11th-century green mask that transformed him into an invulnerable, super-powered loony.

In the cartoon, The Mask was an Edge City crimefighter, aided by girlfriend Peggy and dog Milo. Red-mohawked bad scientist Pretorious supplied most of the crime, while the insane Kablam added a dose of toxic mayhem.

In place of Jim Carrey, who was not involved with the show, Rob Paulsen supplied the title character’s voice. The switch apparently didn't bother Mask devotees, who made the show a hit in its two seasons on CBS.

Release History

8/12/95 - 3/29/97 CBS

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TV Studio

Film Roman, Sunbow, Dark Horse, New Line

Television Cast

Stanley Ipkiss/The Mask Rob Paulsen
Peggy Brandt Heidi Shannon
Pretorious Tim Curry
Milo Frank Welker
Doyle Jim Cummings
Lars Jim Cummings
Mrs. Peenan Tress MacNeille
Mrs. Francis Forthwright Mary McDonald-Lewis
Lieutenant Kellaway Neil Ross
Mayor Tilton Kevin Richardson
Charlie Schumacher Mark Taylor
Pepe Frank Welker
Baby Forthwright Frank Welker

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