McDuff, The Talking Dog

McDuff, The Talking Dog

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Part of NBC's live-action heavy 1976 fall lineup, McDuff the Talking Dog was the first to be sacrificed when that lineup tanked.

The title character was the spirit of a hundred-year-old English sheepdog who used to live in the home now owned by veterinarian Dr. Calvin Campbell. Sensitive soul that he was, Calvin could see and hear (and understand, since McDuff spoke with Jack Lester's voice) the dearly departed doggie, but unfortunately, he was the only human who could. Other animals also understood McDuff's language, but this usually just made things worse for poor Calvin.

Calvin's kid sister Kimmy and housekeeper Mrs. Osgood just thought the veterinarian was an eccentric, but neighbor Amos Ferguson was convinced something funny was afoot at the Campbell place, and he was determined to put his nose where it didn't belong. Ferguson's nephew Squeaky was the only other human regular.

The show ran for only two months, not even enough time to air the thirteen episodes that were produced. Disappointed fans were comforted to learn that all dogs go to heaven.

Release History

9/11/76 - 11/20/76 NBC

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TV Studio

William Raynor, Myles Wilder

Television Cast

McDuff Jack Lester (voice)
Dr. Calvin Campbell Walter Wilson
Amos Ferguson Gordon Jump
Mrs. Osgood Monty Margetts
Kimmy Michelle Stacy
Squeaky Johnnie Collins III

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