Maple Town

Maple Town

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

"My favorite place to be..."

Tonka's line of adorable Maple Town critters came to syndication in 1987. Outside Mrs. Maple's window, the residents of Maple Town lived and learned together: Patty Rabbit, Bobby Bear, Doctor and Danny Dog, Mayor Lion, Mrs. Raccoon, Penny and Patrick Pig, Sheriff Barney Bulldog, Fanny Fox, Kevin and Cathy Cat, and Bucky, Bitty and Bernard Beaver. Wilde Wolf caused a little bit of mischief, but it was never too menacing.

A live-action opening featured Mrs. Maple introducing us to Maple Town and delivering the day's lesson.

Release History

1987 syndicated

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Toei Animation, Tonka Toys, Saban-Maltese, Orbis

Television Cast

Mrs. Maple Janice Adams

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