Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

“Way up in the trees live the Monchichis…”

The monkeylike Monchichis lived in the forest land of Monchia, swinging on vines and looking cuter than any cartoon characters had a right to. The show was co-produced by Mattel, who created a line of thumb-sucking “Oh so soft and cuddly” Monchichi dolls.

The peace of Monchia was threatened by the Grumplins of Grumplor, led by nasty Horgg. Fortunately, the Monchichis had a wizard among them, the kind and wise Wizzar. His spells and good advice were always enough to turn back the Grumplins. The other Monchichis included Moncho, Kyla, Tootoo, Patchitt, and the easily-excitable little Thumkii. There was no doubt who the bad guys were, with names like Snogs and Scumgor.

The show didn’t catch on as well as Hanna-Barbera’s other little critter shows like The Smurfs and The Snorks, lasting only one season on ABC’s Saturday morning. But thanks to a catchy jingle and their undeniable cuteness, the Monchichi dolls lived on.

Release History

9/10/83 - 9/1/84 ABC

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Mattel, Hanna-Barbera

Television Cast

Wizzar Frank Nelson
Moncho Robert Morse
Kyla Laurel Page
Tootoo Ellen Gerstell
Patchitt Frank Welker
Thumkii Hank Saroyan
Horgg Sidney Miller
Snogs Bob Arbogast
Scumgor Laurie Faso
Shreeker Peter Cullen
Gonker Peter Cullen
Snitchitt Peter Cullen
Yabbot Laurie Faso
Fassit Laurie Faso

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