The Mickey Mouse Club

The Mickey Mouse Club

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

"Who's the leader of the club
That's made for you and me?"

Next to Howdy Doody (which it helped unseat), The Mickey Mouse Club was the defining children's television program of the 1950's. The show, which aired daily, featured a true variety of entertainment: singing, dancing, guest stars, classic Disney cartoons, serials, and a group of talented kids who became overnight sensations—the Mouseketeers. Led by adult leader Jimmy Dodd, and flanked by hefty Disney animator Roy Williams, the Mouseketeers sang and danced their way into the hearts of the first TV generation.

The standout of the group was Annette Funicello. Young America watched as the lovely and talented teenaged beauty developed before their very eyes. Annette soon starred in her own serial on the show, and went on to a successful career in film and music.

Another popular element of the show was the serialized adventures of The Hardy Boys and Spin and Marty. Veteran Disney child actor Tim Considine starred in both, making him what many refer to as the "Honorary Mouseketeer." Other serial performers included Tommy Kirk, David Stollery, and Roy Barcroft.

One of the most influential and successful shows of its time, The Mickey Mouse Club went off the air in 1959. It returned in a new version in 1977, and again in 1989, both of which helped launch the careers of future young superstars.

"Now it's time to say goodbye,
To all our company,
M-I-C, See you real soon!
K-E-Y, Why? Because we like you!

Release History

10/3/55 - 9/25/59 ABC

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Walt Disney Productions

Television Cast

Mouseketeer Sherry Alberoni
Mouseketeer Sharon Baird
Mouseketeer Bobby Burgess
Mouseketeer Lonnie Burr
Mouseketeer Tommy Cole
Mouseketeer Annette Funicello
Mouseketeer Darlene Gillespie
Mouseketeer Carl 'Cubby' O'Brien
Mouseketeer Karen Pendleton
Mouseketeer Doreen Tracey
Mouseketeer Dennis Day
Mouseketeer Nancy Abbate
Mouseketeer Billie Jean Beanblossom
Mouseketeer Johnny Crawford
Mouseketeer Dickie Dodd
Mouseketeer Mary Espinosa
Mouseketeer Judy Harriet
Mouseketeer John Lee Johann
Mouseketeer Bonni Lou Kern
Mouseketeer Mary Satori
Mouseketeer Bronson Scott
Mouseketeer Michael Smith
Mouseketeer Ronnie Steiner
Mouseketeer Mark Sutherland
Mouseketeer Don Underhill
Mouseketeer Paul Peterson
Mouseketeer Tim Rooney
Mouseketeer Mickey Rooney Jr.
Mouseketeer Cheryl Holridge
Mouseketeer Sherry Allen
Mouseketeer Eileen Diamond
Mouseketeer Charley LAney
Mouseketeer Larry Larsen
Mouseketeer Jay-Jay Solari
Mouseketeer Margene Storey
Mouseketeer Don Agrati (Grady)
Mouseketeer Bonnie Lynn Fields
Mouseketeer Linda Hughes
Mouseketeer Lynn Ready
Serial Performer Tim Considine
Serial Performer David Stollery
Serial Performer Roy Barcroft
Serial Performer Tommy Kirk

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