My Pet Monster

My Pet Monster

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Max bought a toy from a store, a blue monster with a pink face and a bulbous, spotted nose. It should also be pointed out that the creature was adorable. Anyhoo, what Max didn’t realize was that the monster would come to life, grow to six feet in height, and eat garbage. (Note: The creature was still adorable).

My Pet Monster was a co-creation of Those Characters from Cleveland, the American Greetings division responsible for such other cuddly toy/cartoon creations as The Care Bears and The Popples. "Monster," as the creature was affectionately named, was every bit as charming as his bear and popple cousins, but considerably more mischievous. Luckily, Max could turn his fuzzy playmate back into a plush doll by slapping a pair of toy handcuffs on Monster's wrists.

Contrary to his beastly image, Monster was actually friendly. Max’s sister Jill and his friend Chuckie—the only two people who shared Monster's secret—would join Max and Monster in weekly adventures, often involving Beastur, another monster from Monsterland. Beastur’s goal was to bring Monster (or "Monsey," as Jill liked to call him) back to Monsterland via a Dimensional Door, but the mean monster's plots never succeeded.

American Greetings' plush My Pet Monster dolls proved to be much more popular than the show itself, which left the air after only one season.

Release History

9/12/87 - 9/3/88 ABC

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Television Cast

Monster Jeff McGibbon
Max Sunny Besen Thrasher
Chuckie Stuart Stone
Jill Alyson Court
Beastur Dan Hennessey

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