Maya the Bee

Maya the Bee

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

“Who’s a friendly little bee, playing oh-so happily?”

Waldemar Bonsal’s The Adventures of Maya the Bee stories taught lessons on friendship and caring, as experienced by a group of insect friends. Australian animation company Apollo Film brought Maya and friends to animated life in a series of Maya the Bee cartoons, broadcast stateside on Nickelodeon in the early 1990’s.

Maya was a plucky female bee with a protective instinct. Predators sometimes threatened, but Maya was always there for her insect friends, including trouble-prone Willi the bee and musician Flip the grasshopper. Bonsal’s life lessons remained intact, making the show a hit with kids and parents alike.

Fifty-five episodes of Maya the Bee were produced by Apollo Film, all of which aired over the show’s two-year run on Nick.

“See her flying through the air, buzzing here and buzzing there.
Saying catch me if you dare, busy buzzing everywhere.
Maaaaaya…Maya the Bee…”

Release History

1/1/90 - 12/31/92 Nickelodeon

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Apollo Film, Saban

Television Cast

Maya Pauline Little
Willi Richard Dumont
Flip R.J. Henderson
Grimelda Anna MacCormack
Cassandra Jane Woods

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