The Mighty Orbots

The Mighty Orbots

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Earth. 23rd Century. The forces of the United Planets dispatch the Galactic Patrol to defend their homeworld against the evil organization Shadow.

Earth. 1984. The Mighty Orbots debuts on ABC, the latest addition to a revived robot craze spanning from C-3PO and R2-D2 in 1977 to The Transformers this same year.

In this show, the fate of the earth rested on the broad metal shoulders of five robots: Tor, brash and brawny Orbot muscleman; Bort, indecisive shapeshifter; Crunch, who ate anything; Boo, a shy speedster with the ability to teleport and create force fields; and Bo, Boo’s more outgoing twin, who controlled the elements. The Orbots masqueraded as ordinary Galactic Patrol robots, converting to “Orbot mode” only when trouble arose.

Mild-mannered Rob Simmons, Galactic Patrol scientist, built the Orbots and doubled as their leader, converting a la Clark Kent into the dashing Orbot Commander with a simple change of omni-suit. Rob had a thing for Dia, daughter of Galactic Patrol’s Commander Rondu and a fine pilot in her own right, but she was madly in love with his handsome alter-ego.

As Orbot Commander, Rob piloted the Beam Car, an ultrafast vehicle that also served a more important purpose: When the danger grew really heavy, the five Orbots combined into one mega-robot, with Rob in the Beam Car directing from inside. Wee cyborg Ohno (so named for her propensity to shout, “Oh, no!”) co-piloted the Beam Car, did repairs, and provided a dose of precociousness.

Menace came in the form of a five-eyed cyborg computer named Umbra. From the core of the Shadow Star, a star encased and controlled inside a shell, Umbra dispatched the forces of Shadow to wage war on the forces of good. With the impressive firepower of the Shadow Star, Umbra was slowly conquering the universe, kept in check only by the Mighty Orbots.

Legal problems arose when Tonka found the title too similar to its own Gobots line. Partly as a result of that battle, the show lasted only one season. It remains a favorite of many animation fans, who still wait for the cry to be heard in syndication:

“Orbots unite!”

Release History

9/8/84 - 8/31/85 ABC

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Rob Barry Gordon
Dia Jennifer Darling
Tor Bill Martin
Umbra Bill Martin
Bort Jim MacGeorge
Bo Sherry Alberoni
Boo Julie
Crunch Don Messick
Rondu Don Messick
Ohno Noelle North
Narrator Gary Owens

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