Make A Wish

Make A Wish

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

"If you want it, you can get it,
But to get it, you've got to want it..."

Tom Chapin hosted this Sunday morning educational series for children. During the early seasons, two topics were explored each week through a mix of animation, songs, films, and interviews. At the beginning of the show, host Tom Chapin would ask, "Did you ever wish you were a __?," with the rest of the segment devoted to that theme.

During the final season, the United States' bicentennial observance was a recurring theme. Songs were provided by Tom's brother, Harry.

"...Anything you want to try,
Just come on, fly high,
And make a wish!"

Release History

9/12/71 - 9/5/76 ABC

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TV Studio

Lester Cooper

Television Cast

Host Tom Chapin
Narrator Tom Chapin

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