Motor Mouse and Auto Cat

Motor Mouse and Auto Cat

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Motor Mouse and Auto Cat, spun-off from The Cattanooga Cats, was a frenetic chase comedy with that ever-reliable animal antagonist pairing, a cat and a mouse. Each episode had Auto Cat challenging Motor Mouse to a drag race or grand-prix style exhibition. True to the inviolable "Tom and Jerry Rule", the furry little cheese-eater would always outwit his larger opponent to win.

Another popular segment from Cattanooga Cats, It’s the Wolf, came over with Auto Cat to this new series, too. In it, the vain and idiotic Mildew Wolf would endlessly chase cute little Lambsy, hoping to “have him over for dinner.” Lambsy, determined that winding up the wolf’s bill of faire would be entirely unfair, would yelp his famous tag-line: “It’s the wool-uff! It’s the wool-uff!”

Both segments were distinguished by their clever episode titles, including "Kitty Kitty Bang Bang," "When My Sheep Comes In," and "Super Scientific Sheep Sitting Service."

Release History

9/12/70 - 9/4/71 ABC

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Television Cast

Motor Mouse Dick Curtis
Auto Cat Marty Ingels
Lambsy Divey Daws Butler
Mildew Wolf Paul Lynde

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