Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series

Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Disney scored a hugely successful hat trick with their feature-length films The Mighty Ducks, D2 and D3. Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series brought the franchise to Saturday morning, but the animated hockey team wasn’t exactly like the slap-shooting youngsters in the films.

Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series saw the hockey team as a group of half-human/half-duck misfits with super-powered weapons. Beamed down to Earth from the planet Puckworld via a vortex, the ice-loving youngsters set up shop at an abandoned hockey rink in Anaheim, California. Led by team captain Wildwing (voiced by Beverly Hills 90210’s Ian Ziering), their main purpose was to save the world from the evil plottings of the sinister Dragonas, but that didn’t stop them from clocking some serious time on the ice.

Disney was able to get plenty of celebrities to lend their voices for Mighty Ducks: the Animated Series, including such veterans as Tim Curry, Dennis Franz, James Belushi, and sportscaster Roy Firestone. The series, which ran concurrently on network television and in syndication, was eventually packaged as part of the two-hour, mallard-themed Disney Afternoon, which also included Darkwing Duck and Quack Pack.

Release History

9/7/96 - 8/30/97 ABC
1996 syndicated

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio


Television Cast

Wildwing Ian Zeiring
Nosedive Steve Mackall
Grin Brad Garrett
Mallory Jennifer Hale
Otto Charlie Adler
Dr. Droid Charlie Adler
Phil Palmfeather James Belushi
Duke L'Orange Jeff Bennett
Seige Clancy Brown
Young Grin S. Scott Bullock
Dragonas Tim Curry
Wraith Tony Jay
Chameleon Frank Welker
Tanya April Winchell
Officer Klegghorn Dennis Franz
Voices Corey Burton
Voices Roy Firestone

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