The Masked Rider

The Masked Rider

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

The Masked Rider began as a guest star on Saban’s megazordically popular Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. On the planet Edenoi, evil Count Dregon had wrested control from good King Lexian. The king turned to his teenage grandson Dex for the planet’s salvation, bestowing on him the powers of the Masked Rider.

With the phrase “Ectophase activate!” Dex morphed into the Rider, gaining body armor, super strength, and ninja-like agility. He could also wield the potent Electrosabre, a glowing electric sword, and could execute the Rider Kick, stomping his foes with built-up kinetic energy.

When Dregon’s sights shifted to enslaving earth, Lexian sent Dex as earth’s protector. The boy ended up at the home of the Hal and Barbara Stewart, who adopted him as their own. Only the Stewart’s other adopted children, Molly and Albert, knew the truth. The three kids also kept secret Dex’s furry alien buddy Ferbus. Snotty neighbor Patsy and her stooge Herbie tried to raise trouble, which always failed comically.

Dregon, his assistant Nefaria, and their army of Insectivores sparked the program's showcase of action scenes—the zippy montages of karate kicks, punches, and fancy special maneuvers common to Saban’s live-action kids’ shows. Dex rode into combat on his talking motorcycle and car, Combat Chopper and Magno. To balance out all of this cartoony violence, each episode delivered a pro-social message at the end.

After one season on Fox's Saturday morning schedule, The Masked Rider moved into syndication, where it finished out its 40-episode run.

Release History

9/16/95 - 11/96 Fox
1996 syndicated

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Dex/The Masked Rider T.J. Roberts
Count Dregon Ken Ring
Molly Stewart Rheannon Jo Slover
Albert Stewart Ashton McArn II
Hal Stewart David Stenstrom
Barbara Stewart Candace Camille Bender
Nefaria Jennifer Tung
Ferbus Paul Pistore
Patsy Libby Letlow
Herbie Matt Bates
Combat Chopper (voice) Jason Narvy
Magno (voice) Wendee Lee

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