The Mighty Heroes

The Mighty Heroes

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

The Mighty Heroes were a tongue-in-cheek team of super beings whose abilities were suggested by their names: Strong Man had enormous strength; Rope Man had a body made out of rope; Tornado Man could transform himself into a tornado; Diaper Man was a baby who could speak and think like a full-grown adult; and then there was Cuckoo Man, who aside from his imaginative bird-like costume seemed to serve no purpose other than getting caught by evil villains.

Superpowers aside, the main asset the Heroes had was teamwork. In each episode, the gang was forced to work together in order to battle evil foes like The Junker, The Monsterizer, and The Shrinker.

Legendary animator Ralph Bakshi, the innovator behind such movies as American Pop, The Lord of the Rings, and Cool World, created The Mighty Heroes for Terrytoons as a replacement for The Mighty Mouse Playhouse.

The show was Ralph Bakshi’s way to spoof the superhero craze that had taken over television at the time. His creation combined two things every kid liked: superheroics and wacky comedy. Compared with the stiffness of Superman and the other Justice League members, The Mighty Heroes were a breath of fresh air on Saturday morning.

Release History

10/29/66 - 9/2/67 CBS

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Diaper Man Herschel Bernardi
Various Herschel Bernardi
Various Lionel Wilson

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