Marine Boy

Marine Boy

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Marine Boy was a young lad who worked for Ocean Patrol Headquarters and roamed the sea battling evil polluters and other villains. Marine Boy could breathe underwater by chewing “Oxygum,” and could swim as fast as the marine life by using his propeller shoes. His main weapon was a sonic boomerang that could be used above and below water.

Working from the patrol boat P1, Marine Boy would protect the seas with the help of his crew, Piper and Bolton. The P1 could use its torpedoes to battle foes and had a chute underneath, which Marine Boy used to get in and out of the water.

Dr. Mariner, Marine Boy’s father, was the head of the operation and was assisted by Professor Fumble, who invented secret technology for the Ocean Patrol.

Marine Boy’s underwater friends were Splasher, a white dolphin, and Neptina, a mermaid who wore around her neck a huge pearl, which she could use as a crystal ball. Rounding out the team was Cli Cli, a young boy who always tried to help the Ocean Patrol but usually ended up getting into trouble.
A precursor to Speed Racer, Marine Boy was the first cartoon to be produced by a joint effort between Japanese and American studios. The shows were animated in Japan, then American writers would develop a script that matched the action of the characters. The show was a huge success in Japan and the United States, setting the stage for the wave of anime that would become a mainstay of the next several decades.

Release History

1966 syndicated

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Minoru Adachi

Television Cast

Marine Boy Corinne Orr
Neptina Corinne Orr
Cli Cli Corinne Orr
Professor Fumble Jack Grimes
Splasher Jack Grimes
Piper Peter Fernandez
Dr. Mariner Peter Fernandez
Bolton Jack Curtis

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