Moby Dick and the Mighty Mightor

Moby Dick and the Mighty Mightor

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Unlike his literary namesake, this great white whale was a gentle friend. While he was definitely whale-sized, he was basically the pet of human boys Tom and Tub, who had been orphaned after an underwater earthquake tragically killed their families.

Tom and Tub loved the sea, and it was this love of the sea that was always getting them into trouble. Fortunately, Moby would rush to their rescue. Whether he was saving them from everyday hazards such as man-eating sharks and giant squid or more complex dangers like the Clam Creatures or Captain Squid, the boys were always happy to see Moby. They repaid him by refusing to hunt him down and pierce him with spears.

Tom and Tub also had a much smaller pet, a seal named Scooby (no relation), who hung around as comic relief and often managed to get into even more trouble than the boys.

The second segment of the show, The Mighty Mightor, took place in prehistoric times. Tor, a teenaged caveman, acquired a magic club from an old hermit whom he and Tog, his pet, had rescued from a dinosaur. When Tor raised the club in the air and shouted, "Mightor!," he was transformed into The Mighty Mightor, a Jurassic superhero, while Tog became a fire-breathing dragon. Mightor had super-strength as well as the ability to fly, and his club wielded powerful force rays and was impervious to fire.

While the idea of a caveman superhero may seem far-fetched, there were plenty of dangers that threatened Mightor's village, such as Korg and The Serpent Queen, not to mention the occasional angry T-Rex or volatile volcano.

Chief Pondo, Tor’s father, ruled the village, while Tor’s sister Sheera added to the excitement by getting herself kidnapped on a regular basis. Tor's brother Li’l Rock, who enjoyed dressing up like Mightor, often fell into enemy hands as well.

Over a decade later, Hanna-Barbera revived the prehistoric superhero concept in the form of Captain Caveman. This time, the idea played strictly for laughs.

Release History

9/9/67 - 9/6/69 CBS

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Tom Bobby Resnick
Tubb Barry Balkin
Scooby Don Messick
Mightor Paul Stewart
Tor Bobby Diamond
Pondo John Stephenson
Tog John Stephenson
Sheera Patsy Garrett
Li'l Rock Norma McMillan

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