Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Based on the Belgian comic strip by Andre Franquin, Marsupilami came to television as part of Disney’s Raw Toonage. What that program left the air, Marsupilami gained its own half-hour series, sharing air time with other shorts Sebastian the Crab and Shnookums and Meat.

Marsupilami (“Mars” to his friends) was a yellow marsupial with black spots and a twenty-five-foot prehensile tail he could use to climb, fight, swing, or any number of things. Mars was the fast talker; his gorilla friend Maurice was the strong, silent, stupid type. The two wreaked wacky havoc in the jungle, while avoiding jut-jawed, torso-heavy human Norman.

Sebastian the Crab moved the popular Calypso crustacean from The Little Mermaid to the topside world, where he worked as a lifeguard, a concierge, a Crab Scout leader, and more. The loopy Chef Louie was another carryover from the animated film, continuing to antagonize Sebastian.

The third segment, Shnookums and Meat, was a return to the anarchic pseudo-violence of Tom and Jerry and the like. The title characters were a cat and dog determined to do away with each other.

Each weekly show featured two Marsupilami shorts with one Sebastian or Shnookums & Meat segment sandwiched in between. The show lasted only one season, but the battling cat and dog went on to headlining roles in The Shnookums & Meat Funny Cartoon Show.

Release History

9/18/93 - 8/27/94 CBS

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Marsupilami Steve Mackall
Stuie Charlie Adler
Groom Charlie Adler
Maurice Jim Cummings
Norman Jim Cummings
Norman's Aunt E.G. Daily
Norman's Aunt J.D. Daniels
Norman's Aunt Debi Derryberry
Norman's Aunt June Foray
Eduardo Brad Garrett
Eduardo Bill Kopp
Eduardo Steve Landesberg
Woman Tress MacNeille
Shnookums Danny Mann
Shnookums Jason Marsden
Meat Andi McAfee
Meat Kathy McAuley
Meat Michael Pace
Meat Malachi Pearson
Meat Hal Rayle
Meat Ronnie Schell
Meat Susan Tolsky
Meat Darryl Tookes
Meat Marcia Wallace
Meat Frank Welker
Sebastian Ken Williams
Sebastian April Winchell
Sebastian Samuel E. Wright

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