Secret Files of the Spy Dogs

Secret Files of the Spy Dogs

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Secret Files of the Spy Dogs revealed a dark secret some of us have known for ages: Dogs are way smarter than humans!

The Spy Dogs are an intricate network of canine spies which has secretly been helping humans since the dawn of time, protecting them from evil, the elements, and especially themselves. And Spy Dogs are so smart, they make it all look like the work of humanity, when in fact, it’s not.

TV's Secret Files of the Spy Dogs brought these canine operatives to light, thanks in part to the voice talents of such celebrities as Adam West (TV’s Batman) and Mickey Dolenz (of The Monkees). Some of the poochy private eyes included high ranking Spy Dogs Ralph and Mitzy, as well as their adept cohorts and operatives: Scribble, Angus, Alley, Ayanna, Chukchi, Dahgchow, Erin, Fetch, Frank Weinnerman, Furry, Garm D. Rottwiler, Liaka, Lunar Rover, Mange, Medics, Musher X, Nessie, Nine, Noodle, Redshirt, Renfield, Rosy, Sebastian, Sir William, Stahl, Three, and Von Rabie.

In the series, the Spy Dogs reported to a mysterious computer named Dog Zero, who masterminded the Dogs’ dangerous and hilarious missions. The villains were usually aliens, other animals such as pigs and cats, and especially humans.

Airing on the Fox Kids lineup, Secret Files of the Spy Dogs presented a unique entertainment focusing on creative problem-solving and the value of using your head. Creator Jim Benton, a Michigan native, made sure to inject his midwestern common-sense approach into the show. In its own odd way, Secret Files of the Spy Dogs made sense, which led to one quite plausible conclusion: that dogs, with their intelligence, loyalty, and lovability, may one day rule the world.

Release History

1998 - 1999 Fox

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Saban, Fox Kids

Television Cast

Mitzy Mary Kay Bergman
Erin Tres MacNeile
Noodle Billy West
Angus Jim Ward
Catastrophe  Jim Cummings
Frank  Jess Harnell
Stahl  Michael Donovan
Ralph  Mickey Dolenz
Dog Zero  Adam West
Space Slugs  Maurice LaMarche
Nine  Laura San Giacomo
Mistress Pavlov  Wendy Malek
Baron Bone  Clancy Brown
Ernst Blowfish  Ben Stein
Oatz Que'Teure  Ami Dolenz
Egyptian Jackal God  Lou Rawls

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