Stunt Dawgs

Stunt Dawgs

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Don’t be fooled by the title. There were no actual dogs in Stunt Dawgs, just a bunch of rough-and-tumble crimefighting Hollywood stuntmen. Perhaps the “Dawgs” name came from the fact that they worked like dogs, or maybe it was just an attempt at early 90’s homeboy slang (i.e. – “Yo wuzzup, G-Dawg?”)

Whatever the reason for the name, the real inspiration for Stunt Dawgs was a 1978 Burt Reynolds film called Hooper, in which the mustachioed macho man played an aging stuntman trying to pull off the most dangerous stunt ever. The film was directed by former stuntman Hal Needham, and in tribute, the leader of the Stunt Dawgs was named Needham. The rest of the group included rich snob Splat, sexy female Sizzle, height-challenged Skiddd, skinny Crash, and the unlucky Lucky.

In between Hollywood gigs, the Dawgs battled their evil stuntperson counterparts, the Stunt Scabs. Led by schlocky producer/director Richard P. Fungus, the Scabs included Badyear and the dimwitted Half-a-Mind. Somehow, the Dawgs had gotten themselves tangled up in a contract with Fungus Studios, and crooked lawyer Slyme (a Fungus flunky) constantly tried to force them to honor it, even (or especially) at the cost of their own lives.

Only 40 episodes of Stunt Dawgs were produced, and the show wasn’t syndicated as widely as some of its competitors. Under these circumstances, the show only ran for a single season, but if it makes you feel any better, that’s seven seasons in Dawg years.

Release History

1992 syndicated

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Rainforest Entertainment, Claster

Television Cast

Needham Neil Crone
Splat Greg Morton
Sizzle Lenore Zann
Skiddd Greg Swanson
Crash Greg Morton
Lucky Greg Swanson
Richard P. Fungus John Stocker
Airball Ron Rubin
Slyme Ron Rubin
Badyear Harvey Atkin
Half-a-Mind Harvey Atkin
Whizkid Neil Crone
Velda Greg Morton
Nina Newscaster Barbara Budd

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